Chokh Di BBQ Pop-Up

Chokh Di BBQ Pop-Up

Nothing I love more than meeting people with passion and an idea, see that idea through. Too often these days we come across people who have promising ideas, but disappointingly it stays just that, an idea. Not these guys though - their idea was executed and, was far from disappointing.

The idea. Bring the taste of a Chiang Rai humble street-side stall’s charcoal roasted chicken, green papaya salad, rice & hot sauce to Brisbane. Chokh Di (sounds like, chook ‘dee). The team behind the Chokh Di - Dan Finn and partner Indiarna Tanglao. Takes courage, determination and sweat to bring the idea to life - well done guys!

The pop-up served charcoal BBQ chicken and 14 hour braised beef brisket with Leo lek beers, ‘17 Latta Pinot Gris, ‘16 Unico Zelo ‘esoterico’ and ‘17 Good Intentions Wine Co ‘relatively red’. It left me wanting more and can’t wait for what’s next.

Check them out, trust me their instagram page makes you want to delete yours and start again @chokhdi_