What is Table?


I love capturing organic images – of food, people, what is happening around me. I believe that an image invites you to create your own experience.  At Table, I invite you to make up your own mind about what you see in an image. If you like what you see and like what I do, contact me. I would be delighted to join you at your table.


About the founder.


 Hi my name is Natalie - the one behind the camera - a lover of food, wine, experiences and founder and photographer at Table.

 I love food, I love wine, connecting with friends, new and old. I love meeting people who have a passion for creative ideas, food and wine. I love meeting people who take pride in what they do and have not lost the respect for patrons, customers and clients.

I love Brisbane. It's not Sydney, it's not Melbourne and that is what makes it great. It has an identity of it's own (to those that wish to see it) - not inherited, not a carbon copy. The city is what those who live in it, make of it. With an open and respectful mind, Brisbane is open to so many possibilities.

Everyone is different, and I respect that. My opinions are my own. There are little to no reviews attached to my images. I want you to explore, imagine and experience it for yourself. I want you, to reach your own conclusion about images of people and places that I am merely bringing to your attention.   


Let's work together.
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Would you like to tell your story? There are no reviews attached to my images. I invite you and your customers – actual and would be, to explore, imagine and experience it for themselves. 

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